Recycling and Solid Waste

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*****A message about reducing waste during these challenging and stressful times*****

Despite the incredible circumstances in our community, country and worldwide, it is still within our control to minimize the amount of extra waste generated and discarded.  Extra garbage does not have to be automatic even in the current circumstances.

Indeed it is still possible - and perhaps more important than ever - to practice good waste habits and not generate unnecessary waste.  Waste comes with a high cost - both financially and environmentally - for all of us.

We can still Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in these times (in that order).  "Reducing" (waste reduction) has always been a matter of mindfulness and intentional action when consuming and discard of materials sustainably.

These concepts are important for our community.  Thank you for being mindful of unnecessary extra waste at this time (and always).

Basic City of Waukesha Garbage and Recycling Service Information

The City of Waukesha contracts residential recycling and solid waste services with Waste Management.  General guidelines about garbage and recycling in the City of Waukesha include:

  • Garbage is picked up weekly and recycling is picked up every-other-week.
  • During the holiday weeks of New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day, services will be bumped one day later if the holiday falls on a week day.  Service will be normal the day before these holidays (that is - there is still pickup on the "eve" of the holidays).

  • Carts (or materials) must be set out by 6:30 a.m. on the day of service. and emptied carts or leftover materials must be removed from the curb the same night of service.
  • Where properties have provided carts for automated pickup, only materials within the carts will be taken. Please do not put bags or other random small items on the ground.
  • Bulky trash items - up to 3 items which literally do not fit in the cart if the cart was empty (for example, a mattress, a sofa, a chair) will be taken if set out next to the carts (See REGULATIONS below for more details on "how" to set out certain items).  All bulky items should be called into Waste Management to schedule pickup (262-369-3080).           Notes: Extra bags and other small items are NOT considered bulky items.  There is NO "bulky recycling" pickup for cardboard or other recyclables - all recyclables must be in the cart.
  • Appliances and tires (there is a limit) should be called in to Waste Management customer service to alert them of the item being set out. Please call 262-369-3080.
  • There is no pickup of TVs or other electronics at any time.  All TVs and electronics must be turned in per state law to an electronics recycling company or organization. See flyer below for TVs and electronics recycling options.
Additional Information
Garbage and Recycling Regulations (PDF)
Disability/Hardship Walk-Up Service Form (PDF)
Garbage Service Day Map (PDF)

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