Riding Information

To make riding Waukesha Metro Transit as convenient as possible for everyone, please review the following Rider Information, or review the Guide to Ride (PDF) for a summary of riding Waukesha Metro.

Pre-Boarding the Bus

Please wait by the blue "Metro" bus stop sign* to board the bus. This will make the driver aware that you are planning to board the bus. It is highly recommended that you arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus's scheduled arrival so that boarding is as convenient as possible.

*Newer bus stop signs have the number(s) and name(s) of the route(s) they are on. This will help you determine if you are at the correct stop for the bus route you want. In the future, we will be adding more of these signs for your convenience.

Knowing Which Bus To Board

Some bus stops are on more than 1 route and all the buses meet at the Transit Center. So how then can you tell which bus is the one you want? You can be sure that you are on the right bus by checking the destination signs that indicate which route the bus is and its destination. One sign is located on the front of the bus above the windshield and the other is located just to the left of the front door at the top of the window. The sign will scroll 2 different messages. The 1st is the Route Number and Name (see left column of the table below) and the 2nd message is the Route Number and Destination (see right column of the table) as seen below:

Route # Route Name
3 Hartwell
Route # Destination
3 Downtown

In addition, electronic signs at each bus bay at the Transit Center will indicate which bus operates from that bay. For a map of the bus bays, please review the bus bay assignments (PDF).

Boarding the Bus

Exact change is required on all Waukesha Metro Transit routes. Please have your fare/ticket/pass ready before you board the bus. If you have a Metro Reduced Fare Card (for elderly and disabled riders), please have the card and your fare ready when boarding.

Please do not board the bus until all passengers leaving the bus have exited. Then board the bus at the front door and pay your fare. If you are paying a cash fare or by ticket, simply put your fare in the farebox. Our fareboxes accept $1 bills for your convenience. If you have a pass, show the driver your pass. If you need a transfer to another route or to a Wisconsin Coach Lines or Milwaukee County Transit System route, please ask for one from the driver after paying your fare. Then take a seat. The seats at the front of the bus are reserved for elderly and disabled riders so please observe this rule when finding a seat.

For boarding and exiting information for wheelchair passengers riding fixed routes, please review the Instructions for Wheelchair Riders.

Riding the Bus

Be aware of where the bus is on the route so that you do not miss your destination. Please pay close attention to the driver's announcements and follow any instructions he or she may give you. Also, always follow Metro's Rules of the Road at all times. To alert the driver that you would like to get off at the next bus stop, pull the cord on the wall above your seat. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and depart from the door that is nearest to you.

Special Service at Night

Passengers riding the bus at night after 7 p.m. can request a stop almost anywhere along the route. You do not have to get off the bus at a bus stop. Just inform the driver where you would like to be dropped off. You still have to get on the bus at a posted stop.

Always Ask the Driver

If you have any questions (e.g. where to get off the bus, etc.) while riding, please ask the driver. They will be happy to assist you.