Route 2 Weekday Schedule

Monday - Friday: Target To Downtown (Inbound)

TargetWestbrookGoodwill at Nike Dr.Woodman'sDowntown Transit Center
K:6:01 a.m.--6:08 a.m.6:13 a.m.6:26 a.m.
7:08 a.m.7:13 a.m.7:16 a.m.7:21 a.m.7:35 a.m.
8:19 a.m.8:24 a.m.8:27 a.m.8:32 a.m.8:45 a.m.
9:19 a.m.9:24 a.m.9:27 a.m.9:32 a.m.9:45 a.m.
10:19 a.m.10:24 a.m.10:27 a.m.10:32 a.m.10:45 a.m.
11:19 a.m.11:24 a.m.11:27 a.m.11:32 a.m.11:45 a.m.
12:19 p.m.12:24 p.m.12:27 p.m.12:32 p.m.12:45 p.m.
1:19 p.m.1:24 p.m.1:27 p.m.1:32 p.m.1:45 p.m.
2:29 p.m.2:34 p.m.2:37 p.m.2:42 p.m.2:55 p.m.
3:38 p.m.3:43 p.m.3:46 p.m.3:51 p.m.4:05 p.m.
4:43 p.m.4:48 p.m.4:51 p.m.4:56 p.m.5:10 p.m.
5:44 p.m.5:49 p.m.5:52 p.m.5:57 p.m.6:10 p.m.
6:44 p.m.6:49 p.m.6:52 p.m.6:57 p.m.7:10 p.m.

K = Leaves Kossow & Bluemound at time shown. Does not enter Target.

Monday - Friday: Downtown To Target (Outbound)

Downtown Transit CenterWoodman'sGoodwill at Nike Dr.Target
5:55 a.m.--6:06 a.m.--
6:30 a.m.6:41 a.m.6:47 a.m.6:57 a.m.
7:40 a.m.7:51 a.m.7:57 a.m.8:07 a.m.
8:50 a.m.9:01 a.m.9:07 a.m.9:17 a.m.
9:50 a.m.10:01 a.m.10:07 a.m.10:17 a.m.
10:50 a.m.11:01 a.m.11:07 a.m.11:17 a.m.
11:50 a.m.12:01 p.m.12:07 p.m.12:17 p.m.
12:50 p.m.1:01 p.m.1:07 p.m.1:17 p.m.
1:50 p.m.2:01 p.m.2:07 p.m.2:17 p.m.
3 p.m.3:11 p.m.3:17 p.m.3:27 p.m.
4:10 p.m.4:21 p.m.4:27 p.m.4:37 p.m.
5:15 p.m.5:26 p.m.5:32 p.m.5:42 p.m.
6:15 p.m.6:26 p.m.6:32 p.m.6:42 p.m.