Flooding / Storm Water Management

Heavy rains can sometimes cause flooding of roads, intersections, low-lying areas and building basements. To help collect and drain rainwater, the City maintains over 147 linear miles of storm sewer mains, culverts, and draintile.
Stormwater Management
The City has conducted a comprehensive study to determine flood-prone areas and develop a long-range plan to mitigate the impact of flooding. The study identified ten areas of concern and proposed over $66,000,000 in improvements for each:
  1. Rolling Ridge Drive & N University Drive
  2. N University Drive, Darrell Drive, Patrick Ln
  3. Airport Business Park & Peters Drive
  4. Frame Park Creek at Harding Avenue & Anoka Avenue
  5. Lawndale Avenue & S Washington Avenue
  6. E Moreland Blvd & Wolf Road
  7. Summit Avenue & Michigan Avenue
  8. S West Avenue, S Grand Avenue & S East Avenue at W Sunset Drive
  9. W Newhall Avenue at S West Avenue
  10. Merrill Crest Park
You can read entire Stormwater Management Plan here and/or view the summary presentation to the Common Council.