Flooding / Storm Water Management

Heavy rains can sometimes cause flooding of roads, intersections, low-lying areas and building basements. To help collect and drain rainwater, the City maintains over 147 linear miles of storm sewer mains, culverts, and drain tile.

water draining into a storm sewer

Stormwater Management

The City has conducted a comprehensive study to determine flood-prone areas and develop a long-range plan to mitigate the impact of flooding. The study identified ten areas of concern and proposed over $66,000,000 in improvements for each:

  1. Rolling Ridge Drive & N University Drive
  2. N University Drive, Darrell Drive, Patrick Ln
  3. Airport Business Park & Peters Drive
  4. Frame Park Creek at Harding Avenue & Anoka Avenue
  5. Lawndale Avenue & S Washington Avenue
  6. E Moreland Blvd & Wolf Road
  7. Summit Avenue & Michigan Avenue
  8. S West Avenue, S Grand Avenue & S East Avenue at W Sunset Drive
  9. W Newhall Avenue at S West Avenue
  10. Merrill Crest Park

You can read entire Stormwater Management Plan here and/or view the summary presentation to the Common Council.