Transit Center

Transit Center Permit Parking is $30 per month. This rate includes overnight parking. Rates may vary.

Daily Rate
The daily rate charged at the Transit Center is $2 for 24 hours. Time can be purchased for up to 10 consecutive days. Payment can be made at the Pay Station. Cash, coin or Credit Card accepted. (MC, VISA)
Transit Center
Surface Lots
Surface Lot Permits can also be purchased at the Waukesha Metro Transit Center. For more information, visit our Surface Lot Information page.

Displaying Permits
All permits must be displayed on dash while parked to be valid.

Restricted Access
The City reserves the right to restrict access to or close any municipal lot due to maintenance, special events, or other circumstances, which warrant restricted use of closure.

Vehicle Condition

Vehicles must be in such state of physical or mechanical condition as to be capable of propulsion upon streets or highways. Any vehicle allowed to remain on City property for more than 72 hours is deemed abandoned.
Violators of the above regulations are subject to penalty (ticket).