Operation Identification

Operation Identification, a proven theft and burglary prevention program, is available to all City of Waukesha residents.

Property Engraving
Waukesha residents may borrow a small electric engraving tool from the Waukesha Police Department to permanently record his/her driver's license number on all valuables. The engraving tools are easy to use and will inscribe clearly on metal, glass, wood and plastic.
Warning. Operation I.D.
Checking Out the Engraving Tool
Engraving tools are available on loan from the City of Waukesha Police Department. They can be checked out for a 5-day period at no charge. Call the Police Department Front desk at 262-524-3770 for additional information and availability.

Home Decals
After valuables are engraved, a decal is placed on all entrances to the home, advising potential thieves that all items of value on the premises have been marked for ready identification by law enforcement agencies.

Crime Deterrent

Operation Identification serves as a deterrent to crime, discouraging thieves from attempting entry.
  • If a thief is apprehended with marked items in his possession, he can easily be prosecuted and the items returned to the owner.
  • All lost or stolen items that have been marked with a driver's license number, provide the Police Department with an easy means of tracing the item back to its owner once it has been recovered.
Program Tips
  • Be sure to engrave your entire Wisconsin Drivers License number on your items.
  • Engrave your number as conspicuously as possible without defacing the item.
  • Make a record of the property you have marked and keep it in a safe place. It is wise to have a second list in a safe deposit box.