School Resource Officers

Mission Statement
The School Resource Officers (SROs) mission is "working to build relationships and using those relationships to solve problems with the school."
Rationale for Having School Resource Officers
Questioning the Need for SROs
Although school-based policing continues to grow throughout America, citizens sometimes question the need for providing on site policing resources in the school setting. At times, a police presence is misinterpreted as a sign that schools are unsafe.

Putting Resources Where Citizens Are
However, each day that families leave their homes to go to work and school, police officers patrol their neighborhoods in an effort to protect their property. At the same time these neighborhoods are being patrolled, most secondary schools house more citizens at any given moment then any other public setting in the community.

Common Vision of SROs & Schools
  • Assimilate immigrant children into American Culture
  • Instill values of honesty, cooperation and hard work.
  • Prepare citizens for a Democracy
  • Prepare tomorrow's workers.
  • Provide a safe and welcoming learning climate.

SROs in Waukesha

School Officer Phone Number
Waukesha North High School
Specialist Chelsea Coenen
Waukesha South High School
Specialist Josh Tyndall
Waukesha West High School
Specialist Jason Trimborn
School Resource Officer Coordinator
Lieutenant Ty Hoffmann