A Changing Perspective

The final video in the Centennial Trilogy, A Changing Perspective, covers Waukesha's history from Morris Cutler settling in Waukesha up to present day Waukesha of 71,00 people.

Award of Excellence
In 1998, Channel 25 and the City of Waukesha received an award from The Wisconsin Area P.E.G. (Public, Education, and Government) Channels for A Changing Perspective. It won the Award of Excellence in the category of documentaries.

A Changing Perspective included many interviews with Waukesha citizens that fought in World War II, work at The Waukesha Civic Theatre, and many local historians.
Stan Borgstrum, World War II Veteran
Leroy Piel, World War II Veteran
Among the people that were interviewed for A Changing Perspective was Stan Borgstrum, a World War II veteran and now Waukesha citizen. Another Waukesha citizen that fought in World War II and was interviewed in A Changing Perspective was Leroy Piel.
David Hundhausen, Emeritus Professor, UWW
Betsy Folsum, Managing Director, WCT
To talk about The University of Wisconsin Waukesha, Channel 25 interviewed Professor David Hundhausen. He talked about UW-Waukesha's history and influence in the community. Betsy Folsum talked about the history and upcoming move of the Waukesha Civic Theatre. She helped provide an inside look at Waukesha's oldest acting theatre.
Paul Vrakas, Former Mayor of Waukesha
Former Waukesha Mayor Paul Vrakas talked about his role in Waukesha during his terms as Mayor. He also talked about the Fox River Redevelopment.
John Schoenknecht, Author and Historian
Once again Channel 25 turned to John Schoenknecht for his expertise on Waukesha's complex history. Without him, this trilogy would not have been possible.