The City's New Horizon

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A City's New Horizon is the 2nd video in the Centennial Trilogy. A City's New Horizon is a more in-depth video covering Waukesha in the 1850s, from the first plane in Waukesha to the turn of the 19th century.

To get a better understanding of Waukesha's past, channel 25 interviewed more people, uncovered more stories and recreated New Year's Eve, 1899.
The City's New Horizon
Leo Herbst, WWI Veteran
A City's New Horizon covered Waukesha's part in World War I. Leo Herbst provided an eyewitness account of World War I. Sadly, Leo has passed on since the making of A City's New Horizon. A City's New Horizon was dedicated to the memory of Leo Herbst.
Dean Crites, Aviator
Also interviewed in A City's New Horizon was Waukesha Aviator, Dean Crites. Waukesha County's airport has been named in honor of him and his brother for their pioneering in Aviation.
Marilyn Hagerstrand, Historian
Another member of the 1834 Club that helped in the Centennial Trilogy was Marilyn Hagerstrand. Her interview provided very valuable information about social life in Waukesha during the Springs era.
John Schoenknecht, Historian
Lending Channel 25 his expertise for a second time was Waukesha Historian John Schoenknecht. Not only did John lend his personal knowledge of Waukesha's past, but he shared his personal collection of Waukesha antiques.