Centennial Trilogy

History Video Series

In 1996, Chris Reed began what we now call the Centennial Trilogy for Waukesha's 100th Birthday. Little did Chris know that with the first video, Renaissance of a Village, he would end up covering all of Waukesha's history.

The Centennial Trilogy has been a very popular video series since 1996 when it first aired on Channel 25. Over the years it has helped many Waukesha citizens understand Waukesha's complex history.
Renaissance of a Village
Renaissance of a Village is the 1st video in the Centennial Trilogy. It shows the timeline from the Village of Prairieville up to the City of Waukesha until the end of the spring's era in the early part of the 1900s.
City's New Horizon
The City's New Horizon looks at Waukesha during WWI as well as many other topics.

A Changing Perspective
The final video in the Centennial Trilogy, A Changing Perspective, covers Waukesha's history from Morris Cutler settling in Waukesha to present day Waukesha and a population of 71,000 people. A Changing Perspective includes interviews with Waukesha citizens that fought in World War II and work at the Waukesha Civic Theatre, as well as many local historians.