Power of Myth

Using the 6-part Emmy Award winning PBS series Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth as a starting point, the Power of Myth explores myth and patterns that reach across cultural lines and discusses how myth is shaped in our modern world.

Each of these programs are available for purchase from TV25 on DVD and VHS. Each program is $15 or $50 for the entire 6 disc set. The library has copies of each of these programs on DVD and VHS.
Power of Myth 1 - The Message of Myth
Parts of the Series
Power of Myth 1 - The Message of Myth
Certain patterns of behavior are recorded in world Mythology. Join Dr. David Mulroy, professor of Classics, as he discussed their patterns and their relevance in today's world.

Power of Myth 2 - Star Wars & The Hero's Adventure
Dr. Dennis Merritt, Diplomat Jungian Analyst, explores the hero's journey from innocence to self-discovery. George Lucas sees his Star Wars movies as a modern portrayal of this journey.

Power of Myth 3 - The First Storytellers
The first storytellers used myths and rituals to come to terms with the harsh reality of their lives. Dr. Barry Powell, professor of Classics, focuses on early myths and their presence today.

Power of Myth 4 - Love & the Goddess
Dr. Jane Crisler, Associate Professor of History, uses the roles and images of women in myth to explore motherhood, and the divine.

Power of Myth 5 - Sacrifice & Bliss
Dr. John D Niles, Professor of English, discusses the mythic theme that sacrifice is needed for change, renewal, and rebirth.

Power of Myth 6 - Masks of Eternity
We conclude our mythic journey with Dr. Fred R. Gustafson, Diplomat Jungian Analyst. In this session we explore the concepts of God, religion and eternity as portrayed by different religions and cultures.