Smoke Detector Tips

It's no secret that having smoke detectors is important to saving lives. However, ensuring that they are properly installed and in good condition is essential and could mean saving a life.
Optimal Installation
  • Install smoke detectors as high on the wall or ceiling as possible. The smoke will rise up to the highest point in a room.
  • Install at least one smoke detector on every floor of your home and in every bedroom.
Diagram shows locations in 3 different dwellings where smoke detectors should be placed
Keep Smoke Alarms Enabled
Do not disable smoke detectors, even temporarily.
  • If your detector is activated frequently from nuisance alarms, try relocating it farther from the kitchen or bathroom, as steam and light cooking smoke can activate the alarm.
  • Dust and cobwebs can also activate the alarm, so make sure you vacuum or dust your detector periodically.
Changing Batteries
Make sure the batteries in your smoke detector are installed correctly and working.
  • If your detector is chirping, it is signaling that your battery is low and needs replacement.
  • When you change your clocks, remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector.
Testing & Replacement
  • Test your smoke detector often, about once a month.
  • Replace your smoke detectors every 10 years.
Fire Drills
Plan fire drills periodically (especially if you have small children in your home) to ensure that everyone knows where to go and what to do should the smoke detector activate in the case of a fire.