Juvenile Fire Education

One of the largest causes of fires in the home is children playing with fire. Children are naturally curious about fire and its properties, but this curiosity can become unhealthy and dangerous. In some cases, a child may light fires for reasons other than curiosity. That is why our Juvenile Fire-Setters Education Program was created.

Our goal is to educate the child about the dangers of fire.

Individual Education Sessions
Our Juvenile Fire-Setters Education Program allows for individual sessions to be conducted with the child, his or her parents, and trained Fire Department personnel.

Referrals & Requests
Occasionally, referrals are received from the juvenile court system or the Police Department. If you are a concerned parent, you can also request a Juvenile Fire-Setters Education session for your child.

More Information
If you think that your child may have a problem with fire or have any questions about the program, contact our Fire Prevention Bureau to schedule a Juvenile Fire-Setters Education session.