Lockbox Program

Every day, the City of Waukesha Fire Department responds to various residences for many different types of emergencies. Our lockbox program was enacted to prevent problems caused by a resident being unable to open a door to the Fire Department in case of an emergency.

Entry Problems
  • On occasion, the person within the occupancy that called for help is unable to ensure that the front door (or any door) is open to allow the Fire Department access. 
  • In these emergency situations, the Fire Department must force entry into the occupancy, whether a business or a residence, to gain access to the inside.
  • While this is a common occurrence for residential occupancies, the Fire Department often runs into this problem at multi-family occupancies and businesses.
24-Hour Access
By having a lockbox on your commercial, industrial, or multi-family property, you ensure that the Fire Department (and only the Fire Department) has access to your occupancy 24 hours a day.

Lockbox Advantages

  • These boxes are very secure and only the Fire Department has a key to open these boxes.
  • By having a lockbox, you can avoid unnecessary damage to your occupancy. Rather than having to force entry, the Fire Department can simply use the key stored within the lockbox to enter your occupancy.
  • For emergencies that do not involve a working fire, this solution serves as a very inexpensive insurance policy.
Prices range from $115 to $205 for one lockbox, depending on what model is purchased.