Special Class B Retailer's License

Special (Temporary) Class B licenses allow a retail beer and/or wine sales at temporary events such as festivals and fairs.

Specific Organizations

Only certain organizations qualify for such license. Licenses may be issued to:
  • Bonafide clubs
  • Churches, lodges or societies that have been in existence for at least 6 months before the date of application
  • Posts of veterans' organizations
  • State, county or local fair associations or agricultural societies


Licenses may not be issued to individuals, a partnership or a business corporation of any kind.

Purpose of the License

This license authorizes the sale of fermented malt beverages and wine not more than twice in any 12-month period at a particular picnic or similar gathering, at a meeting of the post, or during a fair conducted by the fair association or agricultural society.


  • Class "B" - Fermented malt beverages only
  • "Class B" - Fermented malt beverages and wine

How to Apply

Applications for a temporary license shall be made using the application form (PDF) provided by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and filed with the City Clerk's Office with the appropriate fee.


Applications are to be filed with the City Clerk's Office according to the below schedule. A permit is processed and mailed if application is approved by both the O&L Committee and Common Council.

Application Deadlines Other

Review & Approval

Applications must be approved by the Ordinance and License (O&L) Committee and Common Council before license can be issued.

License Fee

A non-refundable license fee of $10 is due at the time of application filing.

Legislation Information

Governing legislation may be found in the Department of Revenue Publication 302: Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers (PDF).