Dog & Cat Licenses

Animal License Advertisement
All dogs and cats over the age of 5 months are required to be licensed in the City of Waukesha.
Annual Renewal
The due date for obtaining your pet's license is March 31 of every year. Please complete the application (PDF) and return to the Clerk/Treasurer Office no later than this date to avoid a late fee.

License Fees
  • The fee for spayed/neutered pets is $10 per animal per year.
  • The fee for pets not spayed or neutered is $15 per animal per year.
  • If the license is not applied for prior to April 1, there will be an additional late fee of $5 per animal.
Proof of Vaccination
We will need proof of a current rabies vaccination. An invoice or statement from your veterinarian which shows the rabies tag number and expiration date is acceptable proof.

Pet Limits
  • No more than 2 dogs over the age of 3 months shall be kept in any dwelling unit in the City.
  • No person shall keep or maintain more than 2 cats over the age of 6 months in any household in the City.
Related Ordinances
These laws are regulated by sections 174.05 and 174.07 of the Wisconsin Statutes and section 11.22 of the Waukesha Municipal Code (PDF).