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1120 Baxter St., Waukesha, WI 53186
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10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Make your way around Frame Park and enjoy family crafts and activities!

Tour Information:

Create a Bell Necklace and understand the significance of School Bells (School District of Waukesha White Rock Campus, 1150 Whiterock Ave.)

Come visit the original Hillcrest Bell, dating back to 1866, that was the focal point at Hillcrest School. Understand the bell system used today and make a bell necklace. This bell called students to class on the first day of each new school year 125 years ago.

Hillcrest was originally part of the Pewaukee Joint School District. The first Hillcrest School was built in 1866. In 1883, another building replaced it. The second building, which is still standing on the corner of Davidson Road and Main Street, was in use until 1953. In 1953, the present school was built. Hillcrest became part of the Waukesha School District in 1962.

Today’s students are accustomed to electric school bells in hallways and classrooms. These bells not only alert students when school begins, when classes change, and when school is over but have emergency notification capabilities to notify the students, teachers and even parents with email, text, or phone messages. They help school administrators coordinate emergencies by gathering personnel on conference calls and providing safety instruction. However, teachers from 125 years ago followed their own pace for beginning and ending the day and obtained bells for their own use. Hand bells, desk or call bells, and larger bells found in belfries rung by the pull of a rope.

School bells of various shapes and materials could be purchased from numerous teaching catalogs. Bells were important tools to help teachers structure the school day and instruct their students. Teachers would ring bells to begin the school day, let students know when recess time was over, and end the school day.

Rose Craft (1150 Frame Park Dr. by formal gardens)

Roses have always been a special feature in the Frame Park Gardens. To commemorate the Waukesha Unlocked experience, visitors can enjoy the many rose varieties and create a long stem foam rose that will never wilt with the support of the WPRF friends. 

Plant your own Egg Carton Winter Vegetable Garden (Schuetze Educational Gardens, 1120 Baxter St.)

In 2017, educational gardens were installed at the Schuetze Recreation Center in which preschoolers and seniors work together to grow and maintain the gardens. Interpretive signage highlights the Fox River watershed, stormwater management, rain garden and pollinator plants. The Educational Gardens create a greener Waukesha and healthier attitudes towards nutrition and the environment. The salamander art piece in the gardens was created from a repurposed piece of Frame Park playground equipment.

Guests will create their own Egg Carton Winter Vegetable garden – lettuce/spinach, green onions and carrots.

Community Art Project (SHARP Literacy) (Frame Park Trail - Barstow Plaza in front of State Office Building)

SHARP Literacy gifted this special piece to the City of Waukesha in 2019. “Caras de Waukesha/Faces of Waukesha” celebrates the Latino heritage of the community through this interactive sculpture. Alberto Villalobos, a Mexican visual artist, created ceramic masks that feature the faces of City of Waukesha Latino residents. Villalobos partnered with Waukesha-native Paul Mattek, founder of Design Fugitives, a high-tech architectural installation firm in Milwaukee to help create the sculpture. The sculpture project also involved Waukesha elementary students. Through workshops, students worked with Villalobos and an educator from SHARP Literacy to draw images of what the City of Waukesha meant to them. These ideas are incorporated as cut out features on the sculpture.

Guests will be asked to join SHARP Literacy and local artist Paul Boborowitz on a very special community art project that will be the inspiration for a future sculpture that will be permanently displayed at Frame Park.

Meet the Waukesha Police Department K9 Unit, (Rotary Building - Riverside)

Visitors will meet some of our Police officers and their K9 partners while learning more about their important role in the Waukesha Police Department.

Inclement weather location – Schuetze Recreation Center call info line for updates 262-522-9356


This location is kid-friendly.

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During this event, photography and filming are allowed.


This location is accessible.

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