Police Department Addition and Renovation

Project Update: January 10, 2022

The new metal roof has started.  The exterior brick is being installed on the eastern walls of the new garages.  The steel trusses have been installed on the north addition.

All trades are working in the building.

As of June 21, 2021 the Police Department Employees has been moved out of the building and relocated to the City Hall Annex and/or City Hall.

Southern addition

Jan 2022 Update
Jan 2022 Update 2

Since 1991 the PD has added an additional 38 employees with no major expansions or upgrades to the current building.  The remodel is intended to make the Police Department building a viable facility for the next 20-30 years.  The requested upgrades will:

  • Improve operational efficiency throughout the organization.
  • Safeguard criminal evidence.
  • Improve the safety and security of department employees.
  • Extend the lifecycle of department vehicles.
  • Provide for future department staffing increases.
  • Reduce facility equipment maintenance costs.  
  • Many existing walls, floors, and ceilings will be touched due to reconfiguration and/or the result of MEP+FP changes due to code required  upgrades.  Finishes will be protected/saved if possible.  Any new finishes will be comparable to existing.
  • Mechanical reconfigured to address new spaces, but entire system will be upgraded due to code requirements and need to address/relocate boilers in “penthouse” space, and non-functioning or aged air handlers.
  • Electrical reconfigured with minimal additions to make remodeled spaces functional, but major changes required due to code (light fixtures, daylighting controls, and generator).  New parking lot lighting, security infrastructure, etc.
  • Minimal plumbing with reconfigured spaces on an as-needed basis, but completely new work required at desired break areas and likely an increased/new water service to handle the sprinkler system.  Trench drains in new garage.  Replace grinder pump.  Complete fire sprinkler system required due to size of project.
  • Site work includes original relocation of eastern parking lot, but also reconfiguration of drives serving sally port and garages, and related grading and landscaping.  New catch basin.
  • Replacement of lift in vehicle bay to include oil cleanup, and expanded sally port vehicle bay.
  • New furnishings and finishes throughout.
WPD Rendering