Confiscated Property

Sometimes the police department confiscates property from people during a call for service or a contact of some sort.  

If you had property confiscated and you are wondering if and when you can get it back follow these steps:

  1.  Call the Criminal Evidence and Forensic Unit at 262-524-3773.  Leave a message if someone doesn't answer.  Please provide as much information as possible (your name, phone number, location & date property was confiscated). They will only call back weekdays, excluding holidays.    If you don't receive a call back in a day during the weekdays then call 262-524-3941.
  2. Once you have spoken to them over the phone they will then set up an appointment for you to pick up the property if it is able to be released to you.  DO NOT come to the Police Department to pick up property without calling and making a pickup appointment.  You must talk to a person in this unit to arrange pick-up.  No one will be available at the Police Department for in-person inquiries of this nature.