Pebble Valley Force Main Rehabilitation

Project Update: Oct 4, 2021 (Final Update)

This will be the final update for this project.  There are a couple outstanding tasks that are on hold due to coordination with another project that will be completed when possible.

This project is for the rehabilitation of the Pebble Valley Force Main which extends from Pebble Valley Park, along Broken Hill Ct, Broken Hill Ln, crosses Northview Rd to Sunkist Ave and terminates at University Dr.

This project includes the following work:

  • Installation of valve structures and new manholes at various locations along the route (complete)
  • Excavation to expose the existing force main at key locations for cleaning and lining purposes (complete)
  • Lining the force main from Pebble Valley Park to Sunkist Ave (complete)
  • Replacing the force main along Sunkist Ave to N University Dr (complete)
  • Concrete, asphalt and turf restorations as necessary (complete)

Previous work:

  • The majority of the restorations has been completed

Future work:

  • The contractor has miscellaneous restoration and punchlist work will be completed over the next couple weeks.

Streets with restricted access for the this week:

  • None

 Streets that will have No Access:

  • None

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.

Christopher Langemak, P.E.  

Project Engineer 

City of Waukesha

P: 262-524-3598

C: 262-349-6512

PV June 11
Project Map