Duck! Rabbit! Family Adventure

Duck Rabbit

What is Duck! Rabbit!

The Duck! Rabbit! Family Adventure Walk on March 20, 2021 is not only a fun, family walk, but monies raised helps to support those that need financial assistance in order to participate in recreational programs.  We are working to Build Brighter Futures for children and adults in need!

Each family will receive a copy of Duck!  Rabbit! a smart, simple story that will make family members of all ages eager to take a side.  Additionally, families will celebrate ducks and rabbits throughout a 1.7-mile adventure walk that includes:  a rabbit and duck petting station, duck races, craft stations, jumping challenges, duck calls, planting egg carton gardens and more.

Pre-Registration is Required
If you are interested in registering for this event, click here!

Family Fee = Group up to 5 people and includes all supplies!

What are the Activities?

The walk will include many Duck! Rabbit! Activities stations along the way. 

  1. Read Duck! Rabbit! book and record your vote.  Duck or Rabbit?
    Sponsored by The Park Foundation of Waukesha, Inc.

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  2. Seek & Find
    Count laminated ducks and rabbits along the trail and receive a sweet treat!
    Sponsored by RiverGlen Christian Church

  3. Design Your Own Bunny Ears!
    Color and decorate bunny ears for the spring.
    Sponsored by Friends of WPRF

  4. Duck! Rabbit! Petting Station
    Enjoy petting a duck and rabbit while learning more about each animal.

  5. Participate in Duck Races
    Receive a duck and race it against family and friends at the Races.

  6. Burrow and Bunny Jump Challenge
    Walk through the tunnel (rabbit burrow) and see how far you can jump!

  7. Shelter Build
    Build a rabbit or duck shelter using sticks, soil, leaves, figurine and stones.
    Sponsored by the School District of Waukesha

  8. Sounds of a Duck!
    Enjoy making sounds like our fine feathered friends who call on ponds, lakes and rivers.

  9. Seek & Find Conclusion Station - How many did you find?
    State the number of ducks and rabbits and receive a small bag of candy.

  10. Plant a Peter Rabbit Garden
    Plant your own egg carton garden (lettuce/spinach, green onion, carrots).
    Sponsored by Spring City Garden Club

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Thank you for your consideration!