N&S Prairie Ave, Sentry Dr & Sunset St Improvements

Project Update: Oct 8, 2021


This project is for the roadway reconstruction and underground utility improvements along N/S Prairie Avenue, Sentry Drive, W. College Avenue, and W. Sunset Drive.  The Contractor is currently working on all three sections of the project; N/S Prairie Avenue, W. College Ave./Sentry Dr., and W. Sunset Drive. 


Work Completed/Continued This week (10/4 – 10/8)

Work Along N/S Prairie Avenue (Philip Dr. to W. St. Paul Avenue)

  • Sanitary sewer lining
  • Traffic signal activation at the College/Prairie intersection (Signal is currently in all-red flash operation)
  • Pavement removal along Marshall Street in the area that was disturbed by the water main work.


Work Along W. Sunset Drive (Chapman Dr. to Center Rd.)

  • Spot areas of concrete pavement pouring within the Sentry/Sunset intersection
  • Terrace grading/cutdowns on the north side of Sunset Dr.
  • Traffic signal pull box and base installation


Work Along Sentry Dr./W. College Avenue

  • Concrete paving prep/trimming from Philip Dr. to SPX
  • Spot areas of sidewalk pouring 
  • HMA path removal along W. College Avenue


Planned Work Next Week (10/11 – 10/15)

Work Along N/S Prairie Avenue (Philip Dr. to W. St. Paul Ave.)

  • Concrete pavement pouring at the Prairie/Marshall Intersection (Thurs.)
  • Sanitary sewer lining


Work Along W. Sunset Drive (Chapman Dr. to Center Rd.)

  • Traffic signal base installation at the Sentry Dr./Sunset Dr. intersection


Work Along Sentry Dr./W. College Avenue (W. Sunset Dr. to Prairie Ave.)

  • Concrete pavement trimming/prepping along Sentry Dr. from Philip Dr. to W. Sunset Dr.
    • The contractor will be ramping driveways in conjunction with the trimming operation as they move past driveways to maintain access. 
  • HMA path removal and grading along the W. College Avenue curve to the City Garage
  • HMA path paving from W. College Avenue curve to the City Garage (Fri.)
  • Concrete curb and gutter pouring on W. College Ave. from Prairie Ave. to the College Ave curve (Mon.) (Originally planned for 10/7, pushed back to week of 10/11 due to rain)
  • Mainline concrete pavement pouring from the College Avenue curve to SPX (Tues.) (Originally planned for 10/8, pushed back to week of 10/11 due to rain)
  • Mainline concrete pavement pouring from SPX to just north of W. Sunset Dr. (Wed.)
  • Driveway pouring along W. College Avenue (Thurs.)
    • Driveways will be constructed in halves to maintain access
  • Mainline concrete pavement pouring from Wednesday’s stopping point to W. Sunset Dr. (Fri.)
    • Commercial driveways will be gapped to allow continued access


Work Along W. Sunset Drive (Fox River Parkway intersection)

  • Traffic signal monotube arm installation
  • Traffic signal wiring and cabinet modifications
  • New traffic signal head activation (mid-week)


Traffic Control/Access

  • N & S Prairie Avenue is open to traffic.
    • Additional traffic control devices will be utilized to allow for the sanitary sewer lining operation
    • Marshall St. is closed at N. Prairie Avenue for concrete paving
  • There is No Parking along N&S Prairie Avenue from Philip Dr. to Hamilton St.
  • W. College Ave./Sentry Dr. is only open to one-way operation from Prairie Ave. to W. Sunset Dr.  
    • Traffic is currently on the new pavement side of the roadway.  There will be a que/staging area on the shoulder for the drop-off-center on Sat. 10/9
  • Traffic reduced to one lane in each direction along W. Sunset Dr. from Chapman Dr. to Center Rd.  (Traffic lanes both on the south side of the roadway)
    • Depending on progress through the week, there may be a late week traffic switch that would place 1 lane of traffic on each side of the roadway.  I will update the group during the week if this is planned.
  • The traffic signal at W. Sunset Dr./Fox River Parkway will be placed in flash operation while signal modifications are taking place.  Likely starting Tuesday 10/12.
  • The HMA bike path along W. College Avenue is closed for access until paving can occur, schedule for Friday 10/15


All the dates and times above are subject to change and are weather dependent.  I will update the group if anything changes from the above information.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please feel free to contact me 


 For additional information on the Great Water Alliance’s on-going work along Sentry Dr. and W. Sunset Drive please follow this link:  http://greatwateralliance.com/in-your-area/waukesha/




Project Contact:


Brandon Schwenn, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha – Engineering Division
(262) 524-3585

Prairie 108