Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance is available for City of Waukesha residents who are unable to participate in WPRF programs for financial reasons. Please read below how to qualify or financially assist in supporting these families.


It is the philosophy of the City of Waukesha Parks Recreation & Forestry Board and Department (WPRF) that program participants help defray the overall cost of the activity (i.e. equipment, facilities, staffing, etc.) through the assessment of user fees and charges. However, the Board/Department believes that everyone, regardless of income, should be able to participate in city-sponsored recreation opportunities. To help facilitate participation, financial assistance is available to eligible residents. Facility rentals are not eligible for assistance.


City residents requesting financial assistance must verify eligibility by providing at least one of the following documents. Documents must be current (30 days or less) at time of application.

  • Most recent Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) payment stub.
  • Written Proof of receiving BadgerCare, Food Share, Foster Care, Medicaid, or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). A benefit letter from the agency you receive the aid from is the proof we require. You may also print a copy from the ACCESS website.
  • I.D cards are not suitable documentation.

Assistance Procedures:

  1. Financial Assistance can only be applied toward recreation programming with the following exceptions: all senior/family trips, programs when the primary costs are contractual and/or programs are conducted by non-department employees and other programs listed in #4 below.
  2. Residents may apply for financial assistance for themselves or any member(s) of their household of which they have guardianship and verification.
  3. Residents are eligible to receive a 40% reduction of the program fee if qualified for BadgerCare and registered by the registration deadline. Those residents qualifying for Food Share, Foster Care, Medicaid or SSI will receive a 65% reduction of the program fee if registered by the registration deadline.
  4. Those qualifying for the 65% reduction will also be eligible for a 25% reduction in the following programs:
    • Discount Pool Pass Program
  5. Please allow up to two weeks for the processing of the Financial Assistance Application. If an applicant wants to register for a program while the application is under review, a 35% deposit of the total program fee may be paid in order to hold a spot in desired program(s).
  6. This is a school year qualification and a new application and current verification needs to be renewed each year on August 1.
  7. Application must be fully completed with current (30 days or less)verification documents and residency.
    • Non-residents are not eligible.

Financial Assistance Policy
Financial Assistance Application

Please email your completed application and supporting documents to: