West Side Pump Station Consolidation

Project Update: Oct 4, 2021


This project is for the consolidation of four existing sanitary pump stations (PS) into one on the west side of the City in the vicinity of Les Paul Pkwy (US 318) and Madison St.

This project includes the following work:

  • Upgrading the existing pump station on Madison St including a new control building with backup generator
  • Installing a new gravity sewer and force main to the east of the Madison St PS to connect to the sewers on Cone View Dr (complete)
  • Line the existing force main along Cone View Dr and S Comanche Ln
  • Install a new gravity sewer to the north of Madison St along Pebble Creek to the existing sewer north of the Meadowbrook Marketplace complex (complete)
  • Decommission the Cone View PS, Fiddlers Creek PS, and Summit Ave PS
  • Restorations as necessary

Previous work:

  • The contractor continued the upgrades at the Madison St PS
    • Site work and paving
  • The contractor worked on landscaping and pavement restorations
    • Madison St, Turnberry Oak Dr, Torhorst Rd, and the walking trial were paved
    • Turf restorations throughout the project
  • The contractor began decommissioning the pump stations that have been taken out of service
    • Fiddlers Creek PS was completed
    • Summit Ave Ps was started
  • Force main lining along Cone View Ln and S Comanche Ln
    • Flow was transferred over to the bypass 
    • Several access pits have been excavated
    • The cleaning and 

Future work:

  • The contractor will continue the upgrades at the Madison St Pump Station
  • The contractor will continue working on the landscaping and pavement restorations
  • The contractor will continue the demolition work at the Summit Ave PS and Cone View PS
  • The contractor will finish excavating the access pits at key locations along Cone View Ln and S Comanche Ln and continue cleaning and preparing the existing pipe for the lining

Streets with restricted access for the this week:

  • There will be road ramps or other accommodations to accommodate traffic over the bypass piping:
    • Cone View Ln west of Glacier Ct
    • Glacier Ct at Cone View Ln
    • Mesa Verde Dr at S Comanche Ln
    • Crestwood Dr at S Comanche Ln
    • Eastview Ct at S Comanche Ln
  • Please use caution when traveling through the work zones

 Streets that will have No Access:

  • The properties along the southern side of Cone View Ln and the western side of S Comanche Ln will not have access to their driveways for the duration of the project

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.


Christopher Langemak, P.E.  

Project Engineer 

City of Waukesha

P: 262-524-3598

C: 262-349-6512



WSPSC CVFM Project Map w bypass
West Side June 25