Buchner Community Pool & Building

Project Update: Oct 16, 2020

Progress was made this week on both the pool and building.  Rough floor plumbing in the building was completed and the area was prepped for concrete.  In the pool more floors were poured and the sides of the pool were formed and ready for concrete.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

This project will include the replacement of the building and pool. A fifty-meter, seven lane lap pool, with a diving well at the south end. An expanded wading pool on the east side of the main pool will include ADA accessibility features.  The children’s wading pool on the north side of the site will also be expanded and a new children’s water slide will be added.  Three larger water slides will be located on the east edge of the site, along with a new slide plunge pool and a new current channel (commonly known as a lazy river).  Overall the site will have an area of roughly 39,000 square feet, and it will have a capacity to accommodate up to 895 patrons at any given time.

If you have questions please contact the Project Engineer at the contact information below.

Katie Jelacic, P.E.
262-524-3587 (O)
262-349-6511 (C)

Oct 16 Update
Oct 16 Update Pool
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