Public Comment

The City is currently conducting its meetings virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been numerous security problems in opening up meetings for anyone to “enter” a virtual meeting. The City has developed a specific process in order to allow the public to provide comments, while also making sure that the meeting is conducted appropriately. 

Below is a list of upcoming meetings that will involve public comment. If you wish to comment during the meeting, you will need to follow the steps below.

Steps to Register for Public Comment:

  • You will need to register for public comment for each meeting for which you would like to participate.
  • You are required to be a City resident or taxpayer in the City.
  • To register, you click on the link below on the agenda item you would like to comment on.
  • Provide the required information (First and Last name, E-mail address, address, phone number)
  • City staff will review your registration. You will then be contacted by a City staff member by phone to verify your information.
  • Once verified, you will receive an e-mail link for the meeting. When it is time for the meeting, you click on the provided link to join the meeting.
  • The link you receive is unique to you. It cannot be forwarded or shared with others. Each person that would like to comment needs to complete their own registration.
  • Registration must be submitted by 4pm on the day of the meeting to allow time for verification.

Upcoming Meetings and Agenda Items for Public Comment (list will be continually updated):

  • Common Council, Tuesday, January 19 at 6:30 pm

    • Register for Public Comment
    • If you would prefer to not participate live in the meeting, you can submit comment by 4:00pm prior to the meeting by e-mailing You will need to include in the subject line "Finance Committee Public Comment". In the email, you will need to include your full name and address. This comment will be read live at the meeting during public comment.