2019 Alley Reconstruction Project

Project Update: June 7, 2019 (FINAL UPDATE)

This week the City’s contractor finished all of the asphalt driveways and graded all of the gravel driveways on both Alley 63 and Alley 68.

Early next week, the contractor will finish any remaining restoration on the project.

24 hour notice mailed to residents

Part of the City’s city wide Alley reconstruction program, Alley 63 and Alley 68 will be reconstructed this year. The work is tentatively scheduled to begin early April.

Before actual alley construction starts the Contractor will be issuing a notice 24-hours in advance. After that notice, the alley will be barricaded and no traffic will be permitted through. This is necessary in order to remove and replace the pavement in the alley. Beyond this, the alley closure will allow sufficient curing time to prevent the new concrete pavement from cracking prematurely.


Residents who park their vehicles in a garage or private drive in the alley will be required to park on the street during the construction. Arrangements will be made with the Police Department to allow overnight parking on streets adjacent to the construction except in restricted areas so that you may park on the street in front of your home, while still observing existing "No Parking" restrictions. Although not required, temporary Parking placards are available, please contact Craig Ausen. The Temporary Parking placards are free of charge to residents within the construction zone

During the alley reconstruction, Garbage and Recycling collection will continue on the same day that it is usually collected. However, you will need to place your containers on the street in front of your house from the time that the construction starts until the alley is reopened. If changes need to be made to the day, time or method of garbage and recycling pick-up, the City will issue a letter to residents with the new information.

The words “SAW” or “REMOVE” with a painted line indicates the limit to which your driveway or garage approach will be replaced. The City will replace your drive with material equivalent to what is in place. Driveway replacement is completed at no cost to you, and is necessary for the driveways to match the new alley surface. The City will not allow private concrete or asphalt work to be completed during the alley construction. Property owners may hire a private contractor to perform additional work after alley construction is completed.

The excavation will extend approximately 2-ft beyond the edge of the alley. As much as possible, the Contractor will attempt to not disturb fences or retaining walls that are located adjacent to the alley. If you have any plantings or landscaping that you want to re-plant please have them removed before the construction begins. Also, you may trim any limbs or bushes that overhang the alley. The Contractor will not be responsible for broken branches that overhang into the alley.

It is anticipated the alley will be completed and reopened no later than August 2nd, 2019, which is the project completion date, or earlier, if the contractor’s schedule and the weather permits. Please do not drive on the new pavement until the barricades have been removed from the alley entrances. The new alley will be opened as soon as possible. The Contractor is allowed 25 working days for the alley work, subject to weather delay days. Keeping the alley closed after the pavement is completed and cured prevents the alley pavement and concrete driveways from cracking and failing. After the alley is open, there may be sodding and miscellaneous work to finish. The contractor is responsible to water the sod for the 30-days after installation, after that it is the property owner’s responsibility. Again, the schedule of this project will depend greatly upon the weather.

Alley reconstruction is a major undertaking. We appreciate your tolerance to the noise, dust, dirt mud, and the overall inconvenience of reconstruction.

If you have any questions concerning this project or its effect on your property, please contact me by calling (262) 524-3589 or via email; CAusen@waukesha-wi.gov.

Craig Ausen, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha – Engineering Division
130 Delafield St. Waukesha, WI 53188
O: (262) 524-3589

Alley 63
Alley 68