Summit Ave. Utility & Street Improvements

Project Update: Sept 6, 2019

This week the contractor was able to complete the water main installation within the Summit Ave/Grandview Blvd intersection, and continued excavation and final grading of the new roadway within the Greenmeadow intersection, and to the west project match point. The electrical contractor also began installation of the street lighting and communication conduits around the Greenmeadow intersection as well.

Next week the contractor will again be working directly within the Summit Ave/Grandview Blvd. intersection. The contractor will begin on Monday with the installation of storm sewer along Summit Avenue and will continue into the Grandview intersection working from west to east. Once they cross to the east side of the intersection, they will then be installing two large size storm sewer structures within the intersection. They are anticipating completing the work within the intersection by Thursday of next week. There will be multiple traffic control changes while the work crosses the intersection, and large storm sewer structures are installed. Please use extreme caution if you travel through the intersection or find an alternate route. After the completion of the storm sewer installation, the contractor will continue the work on water services from Western Ave. to Grandview Blvd.


While the work is occurring within the Grandview Blvd. intersection, a second crew will continue to wrap up the final roadway excavation and grading along the reconstruction limits and prepare the gravel base course for curb and gutter installation. The contractor could potentially begin the curb and gutter pouring late next week if conditions allow. The street lighting and communication conduit installation along Summit Avenue will also continue next week. I will provide an update next week regarding the curb and gutter installation, however, during the pouring, access to all residential driveways will be restricted until the concrete cure time is achieved. The contractor will likely pour the curb and gutter, and then a day or two later complete the pouring of the driveway apron and sidewalk. This will reduce the length of time access is restricted, but the restriction will occur for 7-14 days during the work. Once dates are locked in, I will let everyone know what to expect for cure times, and access restriction dates.

The sanitary sewer lining along the project is almost wrapped up, with a few short runs remaining on Michigan Avenue. The contractor anticipates being completed by mid-week and will have all of the bypass piping ramps within the roadway pulled to the side by Thursday or Friday. They will then work to remove the remaining areas of bypass piping along the project through the end of next week, and early the following week. Residents in the area of the project may notice the smell of resin or glue and may see steam being emitted from sewer manholes. This is a normal occurrence of the lining process, and will dissipate when the lining work is wrapped up.

Traffic Impacts for the week of 9/9:

The Summit/Grandview intersection will be reduced to 1 lane each direction for the north, south, and east legs of the intersection. The traffic signal will continue to be in an all-red flash configuration, and the intersection will operate as an all-way stop configuration. Access at Grandview Blvd. to the closed section of Summit Avenue (west of Grandview Blvd) will be fully closed during this configuration. All access to properties within the closure will need to occur from either University Dr., Greenmeadow Dr., or Western Ave. Use of an alternate route around this intersection is highly encouraged.

 Summit Avenue is closed to through traffic from N. University Dr. to N. Grandview Blvd. and is for local traffic only. Through traffic should not enter the work zone and shall utilize an alternate route. All the dates and times above are subject to change and are weather dependent. I will update the group if anything changes from the above information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please feel free to contact me.

Public Information Meeting April 25, 2019

Start Notice

The City of Waukesha will be reconstructing Summit Avenue and replacing/upgrading underground utilities from Greenmeadow Dr. to N. Grandview Blvd. Also, as part of this project, the asphalt pavement along Summit Avenue will be resurfaced from N. University Dr. to Greenmeadow Dr. The scope of work for this project along Summit Avenue will include water main upsizing, large diameter storm sewer installation, and pavement reconstruction and resurfacing. The sanitary sewer throughout the project limits will also be rehabilitated via lining, and most sanitary sewer laterals will be replaced.

The project was awarded at the April 4th Common Council meeting to Advance Construction, Inc. The contractor is planning to begin initial construction activities as early as Monday April 29th (weather dependent), and the completion date for the project is September 27, 2019. Summit Avenue will remain open to traffic with one lane in each direction during the initial stage of construction until early July. After the first week in July, Summit Avenue will be closed to through traffic, and available to local traffic only.

To receive project updates please send your e-mail address to Updates will be sent weekly or if conditions change. 

Brandon Schwenn, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha – Engineering Division
130 Delafield St. Waukesha, WI 53188
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