2019 Resurfacing

Project Update Aug 23, 2019

This week the City’s contractor paved the first lift of asphalt on the EB side of W Moreland Blvd, they also completed all of the restoration on the project.

Tomorrow the contractor will pave the final lift of asphalt on the EB side of W Moreland Blvd.

Next week, Monday morning the contractor will move all traffic onto the EB side of W Moreland Blvd and pave the final lift on the WB side. Pavement markings are scheduled to start on Tuesday (8/27). The contractor plans on moving traffic back to their respective side and removing all traffic control mid/late next week and perform most of the pavement markings under traffic.

Any questions regarding this project, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Contact Information:

Craig Ausen, P.E.
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha – Engineering Division
130 Delafield St. Waukesha, WI 53188
O: (262) 524-3589
C: (262) 349-6516