Water Utility's E. Main St. Utility and Street Reconstruction Project

Project Update: May 17, 2019

Sanitary sewer work continued this week and should be completed by Tuesday 5/21. Poor soil conditions in some areas have resulted in a somewhat slow start thus far.

Water main installation will begin next week and the 24-inch pipe and fittings are in the process of being delivered to the site.

The first phase of traffic control is in place as well as the detour for through traffic. For those who need to access properties within the project limits, please use caution and be safe and aware of the active work taking place. Sanitary sewer lining work by Visu-Sewer has been taking place as well and is close to wrapping up.

Traffic Control Plan

This year, the City of Waukesha is reconstructing Main Street from Lombardi Way to Manhattan Drive. The project involves approximately 4,000 feet of new 24-inch water main, 530 feet of sanitary sewer relay, 3,000 feet of sanitary sewer lining, and all new concrete pavement. The contractor plans to start installing sanitary sewer on Main Street between Lombardi Way and Aurora Avenue on April 22, 2019. Sanitary sewer lining work will also be taking place during that time, and water main installation will likely start in early May starting at Lombardi and going to the east. The roadway pavement will be fully replaced, but in most areas the curb and sidewalk will be left in place. All handicap ramps however, will be replaced to meet ADA standards. .

Garbage and recycling pickup will continue on the scheduled days. The contractor will work with them to get trucks routed through the project site, and when the roadway is torn up, they will assist homeowners if necessary to get the containers in a location available for pick up/ emptying. Mail service will also continue as normal.

Project completion, including all paving operations, grass restoration, pavement marking, and signal work is scheduled to be completed by October 11, 2019. The roadway will be closed to through traffic, but access to all businesses and homes within the project limits will be maintained. During the concrete paving operations however, there will be temporary restrictions while the new concrete cures. Attached is a map of the full closure detour, however other detour variations may be in place at different stages of construction during the project.

I will provide weekly updates once construction begins.

Please contact me with any questions and have a good weekend.

Chris J. Walter, P.E.
Technical Services Manager
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