Northview Rd Utility and Street Reconstruction Phase II

Project Update June 7, 2019

The contractor this week completed all of the new concrete curb and gutter pouring, final graded the areas for new sidewalk including base course placement and preparation for pouring the sidewalk, and also began final grading and preparation for the roadway concrete paving. Within Meadowview Park, final grading and topsoil continued on the future athletic field and path system on the west side of the park. Grading work also began at the path connection to Lancaster Dr. on the north side of the park today.

The contractor next week will complete the fine grading preparation for concrete paving on the south side of Northview Rd., and the paving contractor will begin placing string line for the concrete paving early in the week as well. Currently the pouring of the south side through lane and shoulder is scheduled for Wednesday of next week. The contractor is planning to complete the south side paving through the entire length of the project in 1 day. Once the pouring is complete for the day, the contractor is also required to saw cut joints into the newly placed concrete. Based on the length of the project, there will likely be saw cutting completed into the late-night hours along the project. We apologize for the inconvenience of any noise, however, the saw cutting protects the new pavement from cracking and is a required step in the construction process.

Northview Rd. remains closed to through traffic. With the final preparations being done for concrete paving next week, and the number of critical survey stakes and flags along the project, side road access to/from Northview Rd. will be fully closed until all the concrete paving is complete. Do not move any traffic control devices.

All of the dates and time are subject to change and are weather dependent, and I will update the group if any work activities described above change. Thank you for your cooperation during this reconstruction project, and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Phase 2 Overview

Phase 2 Detour

Phase 2 Public Information Handout

As many of you are aware, the City of Waukesha will be reconstructing Northview Rd. from Meadowbrook Rd. (STH 318) to Tallgrass Cir. in the spring/early summer of 2019. This will be the second phase of work along Northview Rd. and a continuation of the Phase 1 project that reconstructed Northview Rd. from Tallgrass Cir. to N. Grandview Blvd. in 2018. This proposed improvements of the Phase 2 project include the complete reconstruction of the roadway, installation of storm sewer improvements, minor sanitary sewer and water main/hydrant adjustment work, installation of new permanent signing and pavement markings, sidewalk will be constructed in portions of the project corridor; and grading for the future placement of sidewalk will be performed elsewhere. This project also includes the Phase 1 improvements of the Meadowview Park site at the corner of Meadowbrook Rd. and Northview Rd.

During the project work, Northview Rd. will be closed to through traffic from Meadowbrook Rd. to Tallgrass Cir., and a proposed detour route (Meadowbrook Rd. -> Silvernail Rd. -> N. Grandview Blvd.) will also be posted. The contractor for this project, has tentatively scheduled a starting date of Wednesday March 27th for the project, and as a result, beginning on 3/27, Northview Rd. from Meadowbrook Rd. to Tallgrass Cir. will be closed to through traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns with the upcoming project, or project start time please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to sign up for weekly, or sometimes more frequent, email updates during construction, please send your email address to Brandon Schwenn,

Project Contact Information:

Brandon Schwenn
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha
130 Delafield Street
Waukesha, WI 53188-3646