Greenmeadow Sanitary Interceptor Project

Construction Update - Jan. 3, 2020

This project will include installation of a new sanitary interceptor sewer from the intersection of Greenmeadow Dr. and Michigan Ave. to the intersection of College Ave. and Sentry Dr. This sewer will allow the elimination of the Greenmeadow and Woodfield pump stations.

This week’s work:
• Finished abandonment of old force main
• Continued demolition of Greenmeadow pump station site

Next week’s work and into January:
• Demolition of Greenmeadow pump station will continue once We Energies completes de-energizing power to the pump station site

Streets with restricted access for the next week:
• None

Streets that will have No Access for the next week:
• None

Winter work will be limited to demolition of the Greenmeadow pump station site. Beginning in April/May 2020 final restoration (final asphalt, sod, striping, etc) will be completed. Updates will begin again at that time.


Jonathan Schapekahm, P.E., Project Manager
 City of Waukesha Engineering Division

Route map