Municipal Building Project (City Hall Project)

The current City Hall was built in 1965 and poses significant safety, maintenance, and operational concerns. The new City Hall will seek to correct these concerns as well as bring the City Hall and City Hall Annex into one building to provide a more centralized location for residents to interact with the City. 

Construction Information

Weekly construction updates are provided here. The new City Hall building is anticipated to be completed by January 2021 with the entire project finishing by June 2021. 

Interior and Exterior Renderings
Site Plan
First Level Floor Plan
First Level Floor Plan Zone 2
Second Level Floor Plan
Third Level Floor Plan

Design and Approval Process

  • Workshop #4, December 11-12, 2018: 

    Staff will further refine concepts and design.
  • Workshop #3, June 26:

     Council members and staff will further refine concepts and design. 
  • Workshop #2, May 2-3, 2018:

     Council members and staff participated in a workshop to further refine the City Hall concepts and look at cost modeling. 
  • Workshop #1, April 3-4, 2018:

    Council members and staff participated in visioning exercises and initial exploration of what City Hall could and should provide. 

Archive of Presentations and Information (from past years)
city hall 1