Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse (Planteriors)

Tom and Marty Loppnow
Established:  1904
Located at
319 S Prairie Avenue

When Tom and Marty Loppnow purchased Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse from their parents, Noel and Janet Loppnow in 1998, they were buying more than the family business.  Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse’s rich history started in 1904 when the Schneck and Bliese families open the flower shop on Main Street originally housed in the location that is currently occupied by the Martha Merrell’s bookstore.  In 1907 they moved to their current location in order to build greenhouses to grow their own flowers to resell and to sell to the Cemetery.  At that time the area was mostly prairies except for the Cemetery and the Wales Boy’s School.  To the delight of everyone, when the store celebrated its 100th year anniversary, a member of the Bliese family who had been born on the site was able to attend the event.  Today, when you visit the site, visitors can still see the stained glass transom window that reads, “Say It With Flowers” which was displayed in the original store.   

Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse offers a well-rounded assortment of fresh flowers and plants.  In fact, they have the largest selection of green plants and cut flowers in Waukesha County.  In the spring they’re busy offering bedding and hanging plants.  However, because of holidays and life events including proms, weddings, births, and funerals, there is a high demand for their services all year long.  Their gift shop offers a large selection of products including jewelry, clothing, and interior and exterior décor.  To better serve their customers, the shop has partnered with Planteriors of Wisconsin which is a sister store that leases and maintains interior plants for businesses.

A crucial contributor to the success of the business is attributed to the relationships that they’ve built with their customers throughout the years.  Their shop is now serving fourth generation customers.  “We’ve had people that have come in to plan for their wedding, like their mother, their grandmother, and even their great-grandmother did,” says Marty Loppnow, current owner.  A unique aspect of Waukesha Floral and Greenhouse is that their services are needed during many important and once-in-a-lifetime events in their customer’s life.  “We take this business very seriously,” Marty says, “because when we’re delivering flowers for a patron, we are delivering their sentiment usually at the most crucial times of their lives.  Our customers want to convey a message without having to say it so we have to get it right.”  Marty adds that, “As a family business, our parents were very indebted to this business and making everyone happy was important to them and us.  That’s one reason why we guarantee all our products.” 

The City of Waukesha is happy to acknowledge Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse’s rich history and the noteworthy contribution they have made to the city.  Congratulations to the Loppnows and we wish you many more years of success!