The Forestry Division is responsible for the planting and maintenance of all city trees located in public right-of-ways referred to as street trees.  They also are responsible for all the trees in the parks.

Please learn more about our street tree program and Arborist, Aaron Lehnert!

Winter Burn

Winter Burn is common for evergreen plants this Spring. Find out more in our Branching Out article (PDF).
  1. Rauterberg, Dave

    Dave Rauterberg

    Forestry Supervisor
    Phone: 262-650-2545

  2. Parks, Recreation and Forestry

    Physical Address
    1900 Aviation Drive
    Waukesha, WI 53188


    Phone: 262-524-3737
    Fax: 262-524-3713

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer has been confirmed in Waukesha (PDF). If you suspect Emerald Ash Borer on your property, contact 800-462-2803, email the UW-Extension Horticulture Office, or call them at 262-548-7779.

Additional Information

Emerald Ash Borer
Tree Survival Guide Tips
Try these helpful hints for maintaining tree health and find out more in our Tree Survival Guide (PDF).
  • Set a garden hose at a slow trickle moving the hose around the base of the tree for 15 minute increments in at least 4 different locations (about an hour duration). A watering of once per week should be adequate.
  • Spread mulch near trees. It helps prevent evaporation from the soil and prevents water from running when the ground is hard.
  • Pay particular attention to trees on boulevards near construction zones. Road work can stress a tree.
  • Bigger trees in yards also suffer from stress. Water a larger tree with a sprinkler. Set out a coffee can near the tree. When the can has an inch of water in it, turn off the sprinkler. A watering of once per week is adequate.

Community Roots Program

Although the department has a long history of tree planting to honor, commemorate or memorialize individuals, a formal program (PDF) is now in place.

Honoring Loved Ones

Members of the community can now honor and celebrate a family member, friend or work associate by planting a tree in a city park on their behalf. Forestry staff will assist in selecting a beautiful site and an appropriate tree, suitable for the occasion and the individual to be honored. Trees will be purchased, planted and maintained by the forestry division.

Cost & Planting Season

The cost of the tree is set annually by the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Board. Family members can coordinate with staff to be notified of the date of planting. Our fall planting season runs early October until mid-November.
Community Roots Program