Northview Rd Utility and Street Reconstruction

Project Update June 15, 2018

Storm Sewer work on the west end of the project continued this week, and the contractor was able to complete additional sections of the main storm sewer trunk line, as well as, storm sewer crossings near University Dr.

Next week the contractor will continue some minor areas of storm sewer work, complete additional areas of erosion control device placement in preparation for future work on the project, and will also be completing sanitary sewer lining preparations along Northview near N. Grandview Blvd. I will provide a more detailed update early in the week, but for approximate 4-6 hours (anticipated mid-day) on Tuesday 6/19, the contractor will be completing work on a sanitary sewer manhole directly in the middle of the Northview and N. Grandview Blvd. intersection. This will force some adjustment to the traffic control to allow the contractor space to complete the work. Please use caution while traveling this intersection during this timeframe. The contractor will be working quickly to reduce the impact to the heavily traveled intersection. The contractor will also be looking to complete the remaining clearing and tree removals on the east end of the project late in the week. Private utility work will also be on-going next week through the project limits.

Local traffic should use caution while traveling through the work zone, as activates are increasing adjacent to residences along the project. The contractor will be on the lookout to maintain the access requirements, but also want to keep both the workers and traveling public safe.

All of the dates and time are subject to change and are weather dependent, and I will update the group if any work activities change during the week.

Thank you for your cooperation during this reconstruction project, and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Northview Road is proposed to be reconstructed as a two-lane roadway with left-turn lane improvements provided at intersecting side streets.  The roadway reconstruction includes the complete removal and replacement of the existing pavement, curb and gutter, and drive approaches.  A majority of Northview Rd. within the full reconstruction limits will be changed to an urban typical roadway section, containing concrete curb and gutter, and eliminating the existing roadside ditches.  Handicap ramps at the side road intersections will be updated to current ADA standards.  A new traffic signal will also be installed at the Northview Rd. and University Ave. intersection to improve safety.  As part of this project, sidewalk will either be added, or graded for adding in the future on both sides of Northview Rd.  New permanent pavement markings and roadside signing will also be included.

In order to accommodate the roadway reconstruction, and corresponding grading operations adjacent to the roadway, existing trees within the roadway right-of-way may need to be removed.

In addition to the full roadway reconstruction limits, Northview Rd. from 800’ west of Pebble Valley Rd. to N. Grandview Blvd. will be resurfaced with new asphalt pavement.  This resurfacing work will also be in conjunction with the Waukesha Water Utility’s replacement of the water main within these limits.  The currently curb ramps at the side road intersections along this stretch will also be upgraded to current ADA standards.

During the reconstruction project, Northview Road will be closed to through traffic from Patrick Lane to N. Grandview Boulevard.  Every effort will be made to maintain access to properties adjacent to the work zone throughout the project until paving operations being.  The paving of the roadway will be staged to allow for as much access to adjacent properties as possible, and also, to reduce the timeframe that access is restricted.

Project construction activities are expected to begin in early to mid-April, and the current anticipated completion date for the project is September 21, 2018.  Private utility relocations along this segment of Northview Road will also begin prior to the start of construction, however, the roadway will remain open to through traffic during the utility work.

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