South St and Gaspar Street Reconstruction Project

Project Update March 16, 2018

The contractor this week was able to make great progress on the sanitary sewer relay along South St., and also completed water main placement along sections of Gaspar St. as well as West Broadway. The work zone has been busy this week with multiple crews working within the project limits, however, being able to complete multiple areas of the project at the same times is allowing the contractor to accelerate the overall project schedule.

Next week the contractor will complete the water main section along West Broadway near Gaspar St., and also complete the water main section along Gaspar St. from West Broadway to South St. In conjunction to the water main work, the contractor will be continuing the sanitary sewer relay along South St. As of today, they are approaching the South St. and Gaspar intersection, and working their way to the east. The AT&T utility relocation work along South St. from Gaspar St. to N. Barstow St. is still on-going, and I will have a better handle on their schedule early next week on what to expect.

Once the Water main work along Gaspar St. is complete (anticipated on Monday/Tuesday), the West Broadway/Gaspar St. intersection will likely be available again for the access to Municipal Lot #9. I will send out a follow up update when this access is available. The AT&T work along South St., in ongoing, however, over the weekend the excavated trench will be plated for vehicular traffic, and access to Lot #9 via South St. from N. Barstow as well. Gaspar St. remains open as the access point to the north side of Lot #9 and Park Pl.

All of the dates and time are subject to change and are weather dependent.

Access Points:

South St. Municipal Parking Ramp: Enter/Exit via Wisconsin Avenue.
Municipal Parking Lot #9: Via Gaspar St. from the north.
Avalon Square Underground Parking: Enter/Exit via Gaspar St. from/to the north (W. Main St.)

Thank you for your cooperation during this reconstruction project, and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

As funded in the 2018 CIP Budget, South St. from N. Grand Ave. to N. Barstow St. and Gaspar St. from South St. to W. Main St. will be reconstructed in 2018.  The reconstruction will include installation of a new water main, relay and lining of the sanitary sewer main and laterals, storm sewer rehabilitation, complete roadway reconstruction, pedestrian ramp and sidewalk reconstruction, and installation of a brick paver terrace.  The project will also include the planting of new street trees in the terrace area in strategic locations.

The project will be constructed in phases to limit the amount to time that streets are fully closed to through traffic.  During the street closure to through traffic, access will be maintained to alleys and driveways within the work zone, as well as, to Municipal Parking Lot #9 at all times.  Pedestrian access through the work zone will also be maintained at all times as well as access to all adjacent properties from the sidewalk.  Pedestrian safety fence will be installed at the beginning of the project to help foot traffic safely travel through the work zone.

It is anticipated that the project will begin with the underground utility work along South St. first, and at that time South St. will be closed to through traffic from N. Grand Avenue to N. Barstow Street.  Access to the Municipal surface lot will be best made from either West Broadway or Gaspar Street (north side).  Access to the Municipal Parking Structure will be off of Wisconsin Ave. After the underground utility work is completed along South St., it is assumed the underground work will then continue on to Gaspar St., which will then close Gaspar St. and South St. to through traffic.  Access through the work zone will still be made available to the driveways within the project limits and Municipal Parking Lot #9.

The reconstruction project is slated to begin mid-March, and be completed by July 13, 2018.  There will be minor utility relocation work that will begin in late February/early March and last approximately 1-2 weeks.  There may be some traffic/parking impacts during this work, and more details will be provided once available.

If you would like to sign up for weekly, or sometimes more frequent, email updates during construction, please send your email address to Brandon Schwenn,

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Project Contact Information

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