Concrete Sewer Lining Project

Project Update: July 13, 2018

This week, the contractor televised and prepared sections of sewer for lining along Golf Rd, Silvernail Rd, and near the N. University Dr. & Rolling Ridge Rd intersection.

Next week the contractor will continue televising and preparing sections of sewer along Golf Rd, Silvernail Rd, and near the N. University Dr. & Rolling Ridge Rd intersection.

Streets with restricted access for the next week:
• Golf Rd will have work off the shoulder
• Silvernail Rd will have work in the terrace area west of Marshview St. Sections of the westbound outside lane may be closed to accommodate the work. At least one lane in each direction will be maintained.

Streets that will have No Access:
• None. All streets will have access.

This project will involve reconstructing or repairing manholes as needed, cleaning the sewers, installing a structural liner in the sewer, sealing the joint between private service laterals and the public sewer, and any restorations that may be necessary as a result of the work.

The actual installation of the structural liner normally requires less than 24 hours to complete for each pipe section. During this time, service lateral connections will be sealed off at the sewer main in the street. Once the liner is installed, the service lateral will be reopened and sewer use can return to normal. If a user’s lateral connection will be impacted by the work, they will be asked to make limited use of their toilet facilities and refrain from doing laundry during the time period that the service lateral is sealed off. A few days prior to installing the liner, the contractor will place a notice on the user’s door as to the actual date and time of the limited water use period.

The project has been contracted to Visu-Sewer, W230 N4855 Betker Drive, Pewaukee, WI. Work is to begin in the spring with the project complete by September 28.

Contact Information:

Jonathan Schapekahm, P.E.
Project Engineer/CMOM Coordinator
City of Waukesha

Concrete sewer lining location map