GIS Interactive Map Viewers

Property Finder Application
Interactive mapping application to find information on property. You can search by address or by taxkey and find information on who owns the property, aldermanic district, voting ward, garbage/recycling day, and more. More info...

CIP Application

An interactive application that provides information on the City's proposed 5-year CIP plan. Users can view CIP requests on a map and access their supporting documentation. Launch the viewer.
Survey Application
This mapping application displays benchmark/elevation data as well as information regarding subdivision and condo plats, Certified Survey Maps (CSMs), and easements. Launch the viewer.
Utility Application
An interactive application for information on sanitary and storm sewer. Provides sewer information for utility companies, contractors and developers. Launch the viewer.
Voting Application
Use this mapping application to locate your polling place, find your alderman or discover which voting ward you live in. Launch the viewer.
More Coming Soon...